Improving the Way Developers and Planners Assess Parking Demand

July 2023: Phase 4 Update

MAPC has expanded our Perfect Fit Parking research to include municipalities west of Boston, adding another contribution to an increasingly robust dataset that highlights how most communities have built more residential off-street parking than is needed or utilized.

Click the buttons below to view the press release and memorandum for our most recent Phase 4 parking utilization study. The website sections that follow further detail MAPC's findings from previous phases of Perfect Fit Parking research.

Phases 1 and 2 examined overnight residential parking data from nearly 200 multi-family buildings in Boston's Inner Core municipalities between 2015 and 2019

Here is what we found:

Explore the slides below or read the executive summary to learn more about Phases 1 and 2. Then dig deeper and use the map to explore the data collected for Phases 1-4.

Getting Parking Right Matters

Before Image of urban design with parking garage, cars, and buildings After Image of urban design with less parking, more building space, more greenery, and more transportation options

By achieving the perfect fit, we can:

Adjust the Slider to Explore the Data (Phases 1-4)

Interactive chart data legend, describing Parking Utilization, Parking Supply per Unit, and Parking Demand per Unit
Heatmap chart color legend

Read the Full Report (Phases 1 and 2)

Find the full phase 1 & 2 report and technical appendix here.

Learn More

Read more about Transporation Demand Management strategies you can advocate for in your community.

Download the Data

Download a .csv file of our site-level data for Phases 1-4, or visit our open data portal DataCommon for more comprehensive Perfect Fit Parking data and metadata for Phases 1 - 4.

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